Teaching Religious and Cultural Diversity for Catholic Youth Educators and Religion Teachers in Italy

In the Spring 2017 at the Sacred Heart Basilica in Rome, Elena Dini and Elena Tadiello, taught a course aimed at providing religion teachers and Catholic youth educators with tools to teach students and youngsters about religious and cultural diversity. The course was organized in partnership with the parish and the office of the Vicariate of Rome in charge of the teaching of Catholic religion in schools.

50 teachers attended three seminars. The first focused on Judaism with Rabbi Jack Bemporad from Angelicum as the main speaker, the second focused on Islam with Prof. Adnane Mokrani from the Gregorian University and the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI), and the third focused on the issue of migrants and refugees with Lawyer Andrea Pecoraro from the United Nations High Commission on Refugees.

Each seminar provided time for frontal lessons, question and answers sessions and practical time for discussing and experiencing educational dynamics. 

  • 3 seminars conducted 
  • 50 participants engaged