Interreligious Conference “Love as a Commitment”

The Interreligious Conference “Love as a Commitment,” masterfully organized by Lidiia Batig, unfolded as an enlightening and culturally diverse event, successfully delving into the profound significance of love, friendship, parenthood, and their relevance within the context of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. This transformative conference, hosted at the prestigious Basilica of Santa Sofia in Rome, Italy, and Pontificio Istituto Teologico Giovanni Paolo II per le Scienze del Matrimonio e della Famiglia, while also being accessible online, provided a platform for rich dialogue and introspection.

The conference, curated throughout the month of February of 2023, sought to explore the enduring values of love and commitment in a world that is ever-changing. It provided a unique forum for individuals of varying ages to navigate the complexities of relationships in the modern era, all while drawing from the wisdom and experiences of those who have embarked on the journey of family life. The last meeting took part on May 5th, 2023 because the organizer of project Lidiia Batig was invited to have a speech about the Jewish notion of marriage and family during the presentation of book “Famiglie alla ricerca di Dio: Orientamenti teologici e pastorali per il tempi nuovi” (author – Philippe Bordeyne).

In general, Lidiia’s project was structured into three sessions, each dedicated to one of the Abrahamic traditions: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. The participants of the events embraced interfaith perspectives and a shared experience of an interfaith communication.