Christian-Muslim Youth in Dialogue for Conflict Prevention in Ghana

This project was conceived in line with conflict prevention. It seeks to do this among young men and women by creating bonding and cohesion in the context of interreligious dialogue by means of educational workshops. The initiative was thought of as international security reports continue to raise the alarm bells of the spread of terrorist activities across the Sahel Region of Africa.

The objective of the project has been to invite young Christian and Muslim students, whom the experts say are the ones easily recruited into the terrorist gangs, to an awareness training workshop. The goal herein is to raise their consciousness of the pending threats and encourage them to seek to be each other’s keepers by not allowing themselves to be drawn in any way to whatever attraction these dangerous groups may steal in and propose. We aimed at educating them to be critical and report any suspicious persons in their environs.

One of the important lessons in coordinating these works has been the enthusiasm reported of these young students in the subject matter. So far, in the two workshops, carried out in December 2022 and March 2023, the turnout was very good with active participation, thanks to the able resource persons. This gives credence to our hope that the fraternal future we desire can be constructed when there are avenues for guidance and education with clear goals as in the case of this initiative. On the downside, looking at the problem our little contribution seeks to tackle, we are able to reach but only a very few young people, a number too insignificant to be considered representative of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocese and much less Ghana. More is needed, and so we appreciate what others are also doing about the situation.