Publication on Interfaith Dialogue in Ukraine: “Interfaith Dialogue: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

Writing on religious themes in Ukraine might be quite challenging, taking into consideration the complex history and the communist past. This initiative was co-funded by the KAICIID Center and included a series of articles and interviews on dialogue by some of the religious leadership in Ukraine. The booklet also contains their reflections on IRD in Ukraine, challenges and prospects for interreligious collaboration. It also includes information about IRD achievements and main IRD initiatives by the Libertas Center for Interreligious Dialogue in the last five years. The goals of this initiative are to raise awareness of the importance if IRD, to establish partnerships for future collaboration, to help religious leaders to communicate effectively in the public sphere, and to stimulate ecumenical and interfaith dialogue in seminaries, monasteries and houses of formation.

  • 500 copies of the booklet have been printed and distributed. 
  • 8 authors and religious leaders engaged