Promoters of Peace and Harmony at the Grassroots level: Establishing an Interfaith Library in India

The school of Jyothidhara – Valillapuzha, run by the sisters of Daughters of the Church, started in 1989 with few students. At present it is constituted of five hundred students with 26 staff from different religious background such as Muslims, Hindus and Christians. This is a perfect place to practice interfaith dialogue. As superior of the school, Sr. Gracy is blessed to have the opportunity to meet personally and dialogue with every student of her school. This is also an occasion for her to promote and build up a harmonious life in order to become peacemakers in the world at an early age. The students are from the age group of 4 to 14 years. The aim of her project is to provide the students with a well furnished library and promote them to study about the richness of the other religious beliefs in order to coexist peacefully and become peace builders of the society, nation and the world at large.