Interreligious Dialogue Conference and Free Medical Check-ups and Preventive Healthcare for Underprivileged Population

After almost two years of the world coping with the coronavirus pandemic, Sister Vimal Jyothy ’17—a practicing physician in India—organized the conference titled “Holistic Approach of Standing Together for Peace Amid Global Pandemic,” targeting doctors, nurses, teachers, and youth in Andhra Pradesh, India. Held on October 9, 2021, the interreligious dialogue conference created great impact on the community and personal levels, especially in building fruitful relationships among the diverse religious and interfaith groups, resulting in solidarity and unity for humanitarian activities and healing services. Participants included Catholic archbishop the Most Reverend Prakash Maluvarappu, Hindu scholars, clergy, academics, and students—who shared their positive feedback about benefiting greatly from the conference and gaining the feeling of being united as a family, facing societal issues together. Sister Jyothy continued her project to provide medical check-ups to underprivileged populations, an initiative she started in 2017.

This conference has unique importance because during this trying time of the coronavirus pandemic, we came together physically from diverse religions to dialogue, discuss and interact on the themes of global peace and the methods to implement it—in the family, society, and world at large” – Archbishop Most Rev. Prakash Maluvarapu Of Visakapatnam

  • 110 participants
  • 6 medical camps
  • 200 people served