International symposium on Fratelli Tutti in Cameroon

February 4th, 2022 was the day a twin celebration took place in the history of the Church in Cameroon. The day is officially known to be the International day for Human Fraternity. It was jointly celebrated with the first anniversary of the encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’ of Pope Francis on “Fraternity and Social Friendship” on the theme: “Interfaith reception of “Fratelli Tutti” of Pope Francis in Cameroon.” During the celebration, the different speakers of the day from seven religious groups: Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, African Traditional Religion, Protestant, Orthodox and the New Religious Movements, presented, analyzed and discussed about fraternity and social friendship. The speakers proposed different interreligious approaches to hospitality of the other in tune with our times.

 “Coming together as leaders of our respective Faith Communities, we break down the neat, sturdy and somewhat invisible walls that divide us. In the absence of such walls, we can truly become brothers and sisters to one another, irrespective of our ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds. Whether in the presence or in the absence of one another, do we think, speak and act respectfully and lovingly in relation to members of one Faith Community or another. This to me seems to be the starting point of us truly becoming brothers and sisters to one another” – Mons. Abraham KOME, Bishop of Bafang