Interfaith women’s club “#with me”

An interfaith discussion club for women, #WithMe, was launched by Lidiia Batig ’16 as a space for women to share their experiences and engage in discussions on how to overcome challenges and stereotypes and grow a network of women leaders. The initiative focused on women involved in interfaith dialogue among the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The discussions and meetings took place in Rome, Italy, with a total of 10 organized events (including classes, webinars, and excursions), both in-person and virtually during the time period of December 2020 to December 2021. 

“The most valuable thing during the implementation of my project Interfaith Women Club ‘#WithMe’ was the possibility to learn from different women and men about their interfaith and intercultural experiences; their spiritual journeys; and the ways they were growing as individuals and professionals. This project was an opportunity to reflect on our spiritual challenges as human beings and young interfaith leaders, from different religious backgrounds, various heritages, and traditions” – Lidiia Batig

  • 10 meetings over 1 year 
  • 20 participants engaged