Intercultural Digital Caravan

The Intercultural Digital EuroCaravan is a creative approach to the Covid-19 crisis. In its essence, there is the idea of using culture as a medium, a tool for social cohesion, for co-creating and strengthening solidarity among young Europeans. This initiative is a continuation of the Interfaith Digital Caravan that was initiated by the John Paul II Center Interfaith Leaders Network in June of 2020. 

By sharing inspiring stories and histories, best practices and expertise in the times of crisis we hope to strengthen the European spirit of the common good and uplift the virtue of hope in some of the most vulnerable communities. The themes of identity, dialogue and cooperation were centered around our common values and markers to catalyse cooperation and partnership. Joint social media campaigns created by participants reflected the idea of unity and intercultural dialogue as a tool to strengthen cohesion and build peace.

“Culture and religion promote order in society because they seek to define all aspects of human existence and social ties. The radicalization of either religion or culture can lead to violence, followed by political and technical support for violence and, ultimately, terrorism or involvement in armed conflicts around the world” – Olena Komisarenko, Caravan participant 

  • 7 JPII Leaders engaged 
  • 25+ media campaigns launched 
  • 30 participants from Ukraine, Georgia and Germany engaged