Intensifying and stabilizing Interreligious Harmony through motivated pastoral workers BCC (Basic Christian Community) leaders in Kerala, India

Diocese of Quilon situated in Kerala, the southernmost state of India. It covers a major portion of the civil district of Quilon and a small section of Alleppey and Pathanamthitta districts.  There is a total Catholic population of about 250,000 spread out in 112 parishes including sub stations. Most of the Catholic lives in villages along with other Hindu or Muslim people. There is the need of peaceful harmony among these three religious traditions. This harmony is strengthened through mutual respect for each one’s religious practices and participation in the festivals. However, occasional violence and riots break out in the society causing destruction and tensions. At present, there is a rise of religious fundamentalism and fanaticism among the people. Immediately after the rise of a Hindu party in political power, religious harmony faces various forms of threats and violence.

In this context, the present project addresses the key concerns of the diocese of Quilon to motivate and animate our people towards interreligious dialogue, religious harmony, spiritual renewal, cultural training of community leaders. 

The project proposes to provide advanced knowledge for animation, mobilization, motivation and training programmes for the leaders who are engaged in the promotion of faith in the Diocese of Quilon and thereby enhance the capacity of the people who serve to surge ahead to spiritual and social upliftment. The beneficiaries of the project include: Sunday School teachers, catechists, animators of Basic Communities, nuns, priests, etc.