Emerging Leaders Conference “Fostering Interfaith Dialogue in Middletown, Connecticut”

In today’s societal atmosphere of discord, interfaith dialogue has only become more critical as an example of how to engage respectfully across lines of difference. For this project, Allyson Zacharoff explored different ways to support and expand interfaith dialogue in a community in the United States—specifically in Middletown, Connecticut. 

The big event took place in March 2018 at Wesleyan University, and presented an opportunity for local community members, clergy, and students to gather for a dinner and dialogue facilitated by Allyson. Around 60 people attended this opening event, and attendees showed a great deal of excitement for the opportunity to engage with their neighbours on such a meaningful level. Out of this event, a desire to strengthen local clergy relations emerged, and so in May 2018 a clergy luncheon was held locally to foster interfaith clergy relationships.

Allyson Zacharoff:

“The greatest achievement was the impact the dialogue had on several key individuals who attended. Their excitement and joy, and genuine interest in the discussions was incredibly obvious throughout the night.”