Conference on the North American Tradition of Pluralism and Interfaith Coexistence

Paola Bernardini organized this conference in Rome, Italy to share the best practices of the North American interfaith tradition of coexistence. An overview of the North American tradition of pluralism for interfaith coexistence was presented at the conference from a multi-disciplinary perspective: historical, theological, philosophical, legal and sociological. It offered perspectives to counter actions by European governments which have established closed border policies and tightened citizenship laws due to the recent influx of migrants and refugees (mostly Muslim) into their countries. These policies have created an atmosphere of intolerance and interfaith tensions.

The seminar was co-sponsored by the Fondazione Sinderesi and attended by 50 students enrolled in the Global Governance through Interreligious Dialogue Program at LUISS University in Rome (Italy). Georgette Bennett, President and Founder of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding was one of the key-speakers. An excerpt of the lectures was published in a collected volume entitled “La Strada Giusta. L’Equità come Pratica,” by Luiss University Press (2017).