Book dissemination: Promoting the Study of Interreligious Dialogue Among Seminary Students in Nigeria

Around the world – and in Nigeria specifically – exists a negative narrative that violence is associated with religious populations. In response to this, Father Louis Omojola ’13 authored a book offering all people, including Nigerians, an alternative way of resolving religious conflicts outside of violence: interfaith dialogue. The book— titled “An Introduction to the Study of Interreligious Dialogue in Nigeria”—aims to provide introductory material for the study of interreligious dialogue for those interested, especially those at Catholic theological institutes and seminaries in Nigeria—to complement limited textbooks on interreligious studies in these institutions. The grant enabled Father Louis to provide hundreds of copies of the book to theology students in seminaries in southwestern Nigeria. Altogether, 750 copies have been printed and distributed. The first chapter presents an understanding of interreligious dialogue and the forms of dialogue: dialogue of life, action, theological exchange, and religious experience. The second chapter examines the need for interreligious dialogue, while the third chapter looks at requirements for interreligious dialogue. The fourth chapter points to possible reasons for lack of interest in interreligious dialogue. The fifth chapter addresses Nostra Aetate—a Declaration by the Catholic Church on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions—while the sixth and final chapter proffers proposals for the sustenance of peaceful coexistence among Muslims, Christians, and adherents of African Traditional Religion in Nigeria.  

“I wish to state categorically that these books will contribute to our all-round integral formation as a community” – From a letter of appreciation received from the Seminary of all Saints, Uhuile, Nigeria. 

  • 750 printed copies distributed