In its thirteen year, 112 Fellows are now in, or have matriculated from, the program with either a Diploma, Licence (S.T.L.) or Doctorate (S.T.D.) in interreligious studies from the Angelicum.

Cohort XIII

Fr. Emmanuel Aguiyi Nigeria Dr. Ana Petrache Romania Mr. Christopher Akongnwi Cameroon Sr. Mary Ogeyi Odey Nigeria
Sr. Jisha Jacob Olikkara India Fr. Baiju Julian India Ms. Sophie Palopoli US Ms. Ruki Salgado Sri Lanka
Ms. Gloria Guisbert Bolivia Mr. Gianluca Avanzato US

Cohort XII

Fr. Manoj Rasanjana Angodage Don Sri Lanka Fr. Naqash Azam Masih Pakistan Ms. McKenzie Fergus US Sem. Floyd Kanongi Gatana Papua New Guinea
Ms. Bernadette Mary McGonigle Ireland Rev. James Eroni Miriago Kenya Fr. Celestine Chukwubunna Muonwe Nigeria Ms. Nataliia Pavlyk Ukraine
Fr. Nay Myo Swe Myanmar

Cohort XI

Fr. Mak Caesar Abagna Ghana Ms. Nozipho Princess S. Dlodlo Zimbabwe Fr. Richard Emmanuel Gokum Nigeria Ms. Emily Lauren Judd US
Fr. Kevin Que Medilo Philippines Rev. Mr. James Morrison US Rev. Mr. Ryan A. Muldoon US Ms. Nadiia Sybira Ukraine

Cohort X

Mr. Baltazar JR. Mahilum Acebedo Philippines Ms. Emily Kathleen David US Sr. Lucy Joseph India Dr. Sr. Vimal Jyothy Joseph India
Fr. Jan James Nowotnik UK Ms. Annamaria Szalma Hungary Rev. Rafal Maciej Szweda Poland/Scotland Fr. Ladislav Varga Slovakia
Ms. Roksolana Zarytska Ukraine

Cohort IX

Mr. Ali Abdallah Chamseddine France/Lebanon Sr. Anie Deepa Nedumkallel India Mr. Christos Kalaitzidis Greece Ms. Christine Cheng Kim Lim Malaysia
Ms. Samantha Anne Lin US/Canada Ms. Lynda Kay Middleton US Mr. Rafiqur Rahman US Mr. William John Stainsby Ireland
Ms. Shu Chin Gabrielle Yang Malaysia

Cohort VIII

Ms. Berliana Ali Indonesia Ms. Anna Balint Hungary Fr. Herbert Banda Zimbabwe Ms. Lidiia Batig Ukraine
Ms. Elyse Brazel Canada Sr. Purobi Chiran Bangladesh Mr. Matthew Doeing US Ms. Courtney Hartmann US
Fr. Joseph Origbo Nigeria Fr. Ranndolph Romero Philippines

Cohort VII

Ms. Anna Marie Bninski US Ms. Elena Dini Italy Fr. Caetano Joaquim Fernandes India Fr. Nigel Joseph Karam Dominica
Fr. Moise Noukpo Koumakpai Benin Fr. Vinh Hoang Nguyen Vietnam Mr. Nazar Sloboda Ukraine Ms. Elena Tadiello Italy

Cohort VI

Ms. Rebecca Theresa Cohen US Ms. Marija Corusa Bosnia Herzegovina Mr. Peter Joseph Dziedzic US Mr. Derek Clinton Farmer US
Ms. Sarah Katherine Farnes US Ms. Elena Kariofylidou Greece Ms. Allyson Zacharoff US

Cohort V

Rev. Vincent George Dissanayake Sri Lanka Mr. Philip Lajo Fuentes Philippines Rev. Kwan Ho Edward Hsueh Hong Kong Mr. Carlos Roberto Latin Mexico and US
Ms. Linda Taggart US

Cohort IV

Renata Nehring Poland Fr. Anthony Okolo Nigeria Rev. Fr. Louis Taiwo Omojola Nigeria Fr. Xavier Kanat Ouseph India
Sr. Teresa Piacentini, PFA Italy Fr. Cyrille Uwizeye Rwanda Fr. Marco Valentini Italy Joseph Michael Zwosta US
Omar Sillah Gambia Fr. Celestine Ezemadubom Nigeria

Cohort III

B. Kim Dolan US Fr. Celestine Ezemadubom Nigeria Claudia Leal-Luna Chile Fr. Bovus Mathew Meloott India
Fr. André Mujyambere Rwanda Fr. Michal Sadowski Poland Omar Sillah Gambia Quan Dinh Tran Viet Nam and US
Taras Dzyubanskyy Ukraine Sr. Gracy Joseph Vadakara, FC India

Cohort II

Fr. Francis Adedigba Nigeria Fr. Richard James Babao Philippines Fr. John Bogna Bakeni Nigeria Paola Bernardini US and Italy
Andrew James Boyd US Val Galagate Brillo Philippines Peter Ivanecky Slovakia Fr. Wykliffe Karathi Kenya
Fr. Maria Michael Peters India Matthew John-Paul Tan Singapore and Australia Fr. Thangaraj Michael India Fr. Michael Ufok Udoekpo Nigeria

Cohort I

Fr. Kurian Benoy Ambazhathinal India Fr. Sebastian Anokwulu Nigeria Fr. Charles Cortinovis US Fr. Gianpaolo Pagano Italy
Fr. Ioan Reikli Romania Fr. Ambrose Ukaonu Nigeria Fr. Marco Zara Italy


Started in 2008, over 110 full fellowships have been awarded to highly qualified individuals from around the globe to study at the Angelicum. The aim is for these students to become actively immersed in interfaith dialogue throughout their studies and become leaders in their communities after they graduate.

Most Russell Berrie Fellows study within the Ecumenical section of the Faculty of Theology at the Angelicum. The student body consists of men and women (clergy, religious and lay) from many nations, and includes Latin and Eastern Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Anglicans, Protestants, and occasionally, those from other faiths including Muslims, Jews and Buddhists. The Russell Berrie Fellows are enrolled in one of the four Faculties of the University: Theology, Philosophy, Canon Law or Social Sciences. The fellowship is administered by the Institute of International Education.


During the ten day trip to Israel, Fellows study at the Shalom Hartman Institute, renowned for its combination of rigorous Jewish scholarship, commitment to pluralism and interfaith dialogue; and visits to the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, and holy sites around Jerusalem.

The program includes experience at the sacred sites of all three religions who hold Jerusalem dear, and meetings with leaders from Abrahamic and other faiths. For most Fellows, this is an unprecedented opportunity to see in action within Israel the relationship between the three Abrahamic faiths; and put into practice, within a religious context.

See photos from Study Tours to Israel

Meet the Fellows

Read the Russell Berrie Fellows Blog


“The Russell Berrie Fellowship program greatly shaped my academic and personal journey. Together we’ve learned, imagined, dreamed, reasoned, questioned, collaborated, laughed, studied, and prayed. These unparalleled encounters are discussed in the Russell Berrie Fellows blog, which underlines what it might be like to walk in the shoes of a Russell Berrie Fellow.

Interfaith exchanges are paved by diverging paths of shared experiences, positive interactions, as well as constructive insights. This blog offers the opportunity for readers to learn from and take part in uncovering and examining an extraordinary interreligious mosaic of vision as fellows discuss transformative lessons, impactful travels, and far more.”

Ms. McKenzie Fergus
Cohort XII – US

“The Russell Berrie Fellowship experience has been one of the great blessings of my life both personally and professionally. The learning and living experiences of my Russell Berrie Fellowship studies in Rome and in Israel and with the faculty and students of the Angelicum as well as with the Shalom Hartman Institute have blessed me and all of my students in classrooms, congregational, and community settings.”

Ms. Linda S. Taggart
Cohort V – US

“There is no doubt that the Russell Berrie Fellowship has had an impact on my life, both personal and professional. I see dialogue as a way of being and living, as a method, rather than just a theory of teachings and books.”

Fr. Cyrille Uwizeye
Cohort IV – Rwanda

“It was a blessing for me. It brought me a new vision to build a society of peace and an eye opener towards the entire humanity.”

Sr. Gracy Vadakara
Cohort III – India

“The Russell Berrie Fellowship allowed me to continuously deepen my understanding and desire for unity among Christians and harmony with people of other faiths. My studies, exposure, seminars and training in Rome made me realize that harmony and peace are possible, even if there is much difficulty in the process.”

Rev. Fr. Richard James Manion Babao
Cohort II – Philippines