Interfaith Digital Caravan

The coronavirus pandemic has closed borders of most countries and reduced mobility. Though many people are confined to their homes, we are not alone. Religion, culture, and spirituality are bridges that unite human beings regardless of gender, race, and background. Thanks to technology, millions of people remain connected and are able to pursue human development, flourishment, and search for a higher meaning in their lives.

The Interfaith Digital Caravan is a new initiative of the John Paul II Center for Interreligious Dialogue. It is a creative approach to the current COVID-19 crisis. At its core is the idea of using interreligious dialogue and culture as a medium, a tool for social cohesion, for co-creating and strengthening solidarity. By sharing inspiring stories and histories, best practices and expertise in times of crisis, we hope to strengthen our spirit for the common good and uplift the virtue of hope in some of the most vulnerable communities.

The Interfaith Digital Caravan is an initiative that aims to strengthen spiritual ties within humanity as well as to help people learn, share, and create together while using interreligious and intercultural dialogue as a medium.

While speakers will present interactive presentations for webinars, participants will be invited to upload images and photos of their past experiences, travels, pilgrimages, etc, related to specific webinar themes.

In a series of online meetings, participants will meet inspiring individuals who will each deliver a presentation followed by a friendly conversation, engaging participants who registered for the event on the Zoom platform.

In this way, participants, like in old days, will be able to travel on their electronic devices – “camels” – throughout the world and get enriched by this experience. As we are all now confined by physical borders, our digital caravan will enable people undertake a virtual path of discovery and exploration.

The initiative will target John Paul II Center Leaders Network as speakers/presenters and co-creators of the Caravan as well as active promoters of the Caravan on social media and other online platforms using the hashtag #IRDCaravan.

Read more about the launch of and the first journey of the #IRDCaravan here.

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