Holistic Approach of Standing Together for Peace amid Global Pandemic

A conference on Interreligious Dialogue organized by JPII Leader in India

In today’s anxious world, despite our battle against the COVID-19 pandemic and other global crises, it is still possible to bring peace to the planet. During these uncertain times, JPII Leader Dr. Sr. Vimal Jyothy Joseph (Cohort X, India), with the support of the John Paul II Center, has organized a conference on interreligious dialogue Holistic Approach of Standing Together for Peace amid Global Pandemic in India. It took place on October 9th at St. Francis School in Vizianagaram, India.

Prominent religious leaders and scholars participated in the conference. Archbishop of Visakhapatnam, the Most Rev. Dr. Prakash Mallavarapu, delivered a speech on Interreligious Dialogue and Global Peace. JPII Leader Dr. Sr. Gracy Joseph Vadakara, FC (Cohort III, India) spoke on the “Role of Interreligious Dialogue to Promote Peace and Harmony.”

Sr. Vimal shows that we can achieve global peace as a community worldwide if people join hands, hearts, and souls together by participating in humanitarian activities. She states, “Standing together, we can celebrate the power of human spirit and its ability to transcend, transform and triumph, as well as to create peace, harmony, and unity.” Referring to the environmental crisis, Sr. Vimal admits the necessity to diligently handle the impact of the global pandemic. “Social and emotional connection in times of physical distancing is essential not just to combat the pandemic but also to rebuild our daily lives,” convinces Sr. Vimal.

The conference has greatly impacted both personal and community levels, especially in building fruitful relationships among the diverse religious and interfaith groups in India that encouraged unity and solidarity for humanitarian activities and healing services.

Sharing her feelings about the conference, Sr. Vimal says, “I think that the implementation of this project as an in-person event was a great achievement considering the challenges of the pandemic. The participation of around 110 members from diverse cultures and religious communities reinforced a powerful impact of the project. Thanks to the John Paul II Center for Interreligious Dialogue for its support and encouragement.”

This initiative was funded through the JPII Leaders grant. We congratulate Dr. Sr. Vimal Jyothy Joseph on the inspiring outcomes of her project promoting interreligious dialogue in India!