Fr. Celestine Ezemadubom

  • Country: Nigeria
  • Cohort: IV

Father Celestine having completed his doctorate, in obedience to his bishop, is working as a chaplain of the Nigerian Catholic Community in the Italian city of Modena. He greatly believes in inter-denominational and interfaith activities. In carrying out such activities, he is convinced following the view of Saint Pope John Paul II that the first phase may not be far from healing the memories of past hurts. That motivated his doctoral research on ‘the process of healing of memories’ for the individual and for the group.

Presently, he has published a part of that research both in Italian and in English – “La Guarigione delle Memorie: Il Segreto della vera Libertà è di una vita Felice”; “Healing of Memories: The Secret of true Freedom and a happy Life” With this book, he is conducting conferences and seminars among Italians and Nigerians in Italy alike, on the process of healing of memories for co-habitation of the human race. He is preparing to go back to his home country Nigeria to initiate this process which is very crucial after the civil war which took place 48 years ago but which still keeps both sides prisoners of the past hurts suffered and inflicted.