Fr. Anthony Okolo

  • Country: Nigeria
  • Cohort: IV

Fr. Okolo’s interest in interreligious studies is shaped by growing up in a country characterized by ethnic and religious conflict between Christians and Muslims. Before leaving Nigeria, he was a lecturer in Comparative Study of Religion, Interfaith Dialogue and Ministry in the Christian Church and Acting Dean of Studies and intends to return to teach and promote Interreligious Studies.

At present, Fr. Anthony is a Parish priest in Lake Havasu, Arizona. In the recent past, he has held a symposium in Nigeria about inter-religious dialogue, also provides teaching to other seminarians or priests from his congregation in Nigeria (Holy Ghost Congregation) being sent to other countries, speaks to them about other religions, contexts.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Religion
  • Master’s degree in Theology
  • License at the Pontifical Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies