Director's Message

The John Paul II Center for Interreligious Dialogue is dedicated to making sure the future leadership of the Catholic Church and other religions are able to deal with the interreligious world we are encountering.

In the past, religious leadership trained primarily to actively work within the denominations in which they are a part. But the intersection and necessity for religions to work together for peace and the common good make it necessary to provide an innovative platform for education that will make leaders not only have knowledge of these faiths, but also feel comfortable with other faiths, so they feel confident to engage in productive dialogue.

Through the rigorous academic study and immersive quality of the interreligious experience uniquely offered by the John Paul II Center, our students hone the skills and understanding they need to help their diverse communities live and work together. Many of our graduates have become ecumenical officers; some are even on the forefront of negotiating violent conflicts between religions, turning religion into a force for good.

Interreligious training instills a lifelong spirit of mutual respect and genuine understanding of one another. Honoring differences is not simply a lofty goal; our students show it’s an achievable reality.

Warm regards,

Rabbi Jack Bemporad
Co-Director, John Paul II Center for Interreligious Dialogue